Giga Crane


Big modular, remote crane systems (5,5-12m).

  • Extremely low net weight (70 kg)
  • Innovative design and engineering for optimum solutions regarding safety, transport, easy assembly and stability.
  • Numerous options for best screening.
  • GIGAS can be stocked with every remote head with 80mm Euro spigot
  • Carries cameras up to 20 kg
  • see also our smaller version DV Crane
  • also available for rental, for more information please click here
Dimensions 1,40m* 1,00m
Take a part in 4 parties  
Weight 75 kg
small  5,10 m 80 kg
medium  1,80 m 60 kg
large  2,65 m 40 kg
Total length 14,50 m    
Base for monitor and remote control unit
Pan/tilt friction
360 °