Topas Fluoroscent

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Topas luminaires are the most suitable lighting solution whenever soft lights are requested. They have an extremely consistent light distribution over a large beam angle. Depending on the used fluorescent tubes, they can be mixed with halogen or daylight spot lights. Because of the high light-output efficiency, they generate very low heat. The newly developed electronics allow a flicker-free operation with a linear dimming range of 10% to 100%. The dimming can be controlled manually by a local dimmer or any DMX-capable lighting control device. The design of the housing and the arrangement of the tubes guarantee best cooling conditions, a very important premise for constant color temperature of the light. The selected DMX channel is shown on a big display. Every luminaire is equipped with mains IN and OUT and DMX IN and OUT sockets. This allows a daisy chain of several luminaires. A large range of accessories ensures easy and flexible integration in any studio.


Power supply 230V / 50-60 Hz
Mains IN PowerCon
Mains OUT for daisy chain PowerCon
Mains fuse 10 A
Mains cable 2m with Schuko plug

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Dimming range 10 – 100%
Control DMX 512/ 0 – 10V (option T-DIM2)
DMX OUT for daisy chain XLR 5p
Tube socket 2G11
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Air humidity 0-95 %

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Photometric data (lux)     Topas 110   with barndoor
Topas 220   with barndoor   Topas 330    with barndoor    Topas 440    with barndoor    Topas 660     with barndoor
Distance  black   reflective  black reflective  black   reflective  black reflective   black   reflective
1m  1760       2370  3300    4370  6012       7816     –               –     –               –
2m   510         690   905      1220  1275        1715  1640        2210   2580       3480
3m   255         305   465        620   675        885   940        1270    1315         1770
4m    –               –   280        375   410         538   540         730    795         1070
5m    –               –    –              –   195         256   370         500    545          730
Versions/Order code Topas 110 Topas 220 Topas 330 Topas 440 Topas 660
Standard (manual yoke) T113T T223T T333T T443T T663T
Studio (pole operated) T113TM T223TM T333TM T443TM T663TM
Location (ball head) T113TL T223TL T333TL T443TL T663TL
  • Standard (manual yoke)
5,0 kg 6,1 kg 7,7 kg 9,2 kg 12,2 kg
  • Studio (pole operated)
6,1kg 7,2 kg 8,8 kg 10,3 kg 13,3 kg
  • Location (ball head)
5,0kg 6,1 kg 7,7 kg 9,2 kg 12,2 kg
Number of tubes (55W) 2 4 6 8 12


Accessories Topas 110 Topas 220 Topas 330 Topas 440 Topas 660
Gelframe TFR110 TFR220 TFR330 TFR440 TFR660
4-leaf barndoor black TDB110 TDB220 TDB330 TDB440 TDB660
4-leaf barndoor reflective TDR110 TDR220 TDR330 TDR440 TDR660
Egg crate TET110 TET220 TET330 TET440 TET660
Ball head
Manual yoke TMS123 TMS123 TMS123 TMS46 TMS46
Pole operated yoke TPO123 TPO123 TPO123 TPO46 TPO46
Tube 3200 K (tungsten) L5532C L5532C L5532C L5532C L5532C
Tube 5600 K (daylight) L5556C L5556C L5556C L5556C L5556C
Local dimmer T-DIM2 T-DIM2 T-DIM2 T-DIM2 T-DIM2
PowerCon connecting cable 2,5m PCON-25 PCON-25 PCON-25 PCON-25 PCON-25
PowerCon connecting cable 5m PCON-50 PCON-50 PCON-50 PCON-50 PCON-50
DMX connecting cable 2,5m DMX-25 DMX-25 DMX-25 DMX-25 DMX-25
DMX connecting cable 5m DMX-50 DMX-50 DMX-50 DMX-50 DMX-50