Commercial lighting is vital in the retail sector, as it draws the attention of the potential customer, and hence, increases sales. Sufficient and elegant lighting of a product is crucial as it creates an inviting atmosphere so to secure a purchase. The small unique studio floodlight DL 8 is cut on your needs to light your business in the best possible way.

Lens diameter 80mm
Beam angle 14° – 58°
Tilt angle +/- 90°
Maximal power 35W
CRI/TLCI > 98/>98

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Mains IN
3 m cable 3* 1,5mm² Schuko plug
Mounting 16mm TV spigot
Weight with barndoor 2,7kg/ 6 lbs
Dimensions A/B/C/D
201/ 251/ 213/ 183mm

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Model DL0832 DL0856
Color temperature 3200K 5600K
Distance/Lux Spot 15° Flood 58° Spot 15° Flood 58°
3m 1.368 272 1.603 287
4m 770 153 902 161
5m 492 98 577 103
6m 342 68 401 72


Order Code Description
DL0832MO Set Director LED Fresnel light DL0832 (3200K) with manual operated stirrup and barndoor D1
DL0856MO Set Director LED Fresnel light DL0856 (5600K) with manual operated stirrup and barndoor D1
STD100 Barndoor D1
STF100 Gelframe 1