• Automation of all luminaire functions
  • Low noise operation
  • Very high positioning accuracy
  • DMX control or bidirectional data bus RS485
  • All important parameters adjustable by means of display/ keys
  • Collision avoidance for leaves or barndoor
  • Reliable design and use of best quality components
  • Best price-performance ratio


HELIOS is a complete system consisting of a 2kW Director studio luminaire with motorized focus, motorized yoke and motorized barndoor. All luminaires functions are motorized: tilt, pan and focus of the luminaire, rotation of the barndoor and movement of each leaf of the barndoor. The low noise operation and the very high positioning accuracy makes HELIOS an ideal tool to be used in automated TV studios having a high-quality demand.The system is controlled with DMX or the bidirectional data bus RS485. On the build-in control unit with full text display all status information can be checked and the system parameters can be set according customers’ requirements. An update of the firmware is possible. The internal logic prevents leaves of barndoor from collision. The reliable design, the build-in friction clutches/ electronic torque limiters and the use of best quality components creates optimal preconditions for a long lasting and failure free operation.